These cloths are high quality products, thanks to the usage of modern technology of connecting together two or three layers that are intended to improve the wearing comfort together with ensuring the protection against the changeable weather conditions.

Thanks to the Softshell technology it is possible to stay for a long time in a different weather conditions without the necessity to change clothes and without risk of chill or overheat.

Clothes made in Softshell technology are characterized by the low weight.


Softshell fabric is the combination of two or three material layers. The external layer is intended to protect against the soak in water. The internal layer is intended to maintain heat and it is usually a lining made of micro-fleece. The third layer is the membrane located between external and internal layer and it makes it possible to drain the moisture to the outside. An additional aim of the membrane is the protection against wind.


Each Softshell technology product is characterized by the following parameters: air penetration and impermeable, that indicate the quality of used membrane.

Intended use

Softshell technology products are intended both for the extreme sports and performing works in untypical conditions.