Leber und Hollman quality

Since Leber & Hollman’s beginnings the quality of the products manufactured by us has been the highest priority.


The technology that is the key to attaining the best effects in satisfying the needs of our clients is developed by people whose experience and devotion always contributed and further contributes to creating the best and most durable Leber & Hollman brand products.

We are proud to be able to bring you closer to the technological details that ensure Leber & Hollman products are the best in their class.

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We keep in mind that comfort is just as important as safety – we successfully unite both those features in our products.

We created a series of technologies that contribute to the fact that our clients are more eager to wear our products!

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Each of our products is manually inspected and tested by a group of highly qualified experts in the area of inspection and quality. Thanks to this our clients can be sure that the product they get in their hands is of the highest quality and meets their requirements.

We offer products for extreme tasks and exceptional people. Feel safety and comfort!

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L&H 1894 : Only the best have a long history.