High Technology Fabric

High Technology Fabric(HTF) is a material manufacturing technology that ensures on the one hand remarkable durability and on the other hand comfort when wearing products sewn with materials manufactured using this technology.

Depending on the finishing version, the external surface (1) is made from polyester – ensuring great durability, waterproofness, resistance to grease and oils, or also from 100% cotton.

Internal surface (2) is made from cotton to ensure exceptional comfort when worn.

HTF is not just a type of material, it is also the method in which it is prepared for manufacturing and the chemical finishing in the last phase of the material’s manufacturing. HTF is also a unique method of working out thread tangles in cloths with the application of an external cotton surface that increases the the durability of the fabric through a coated finish on the external surface.

Finishing standards

Finishing standards

Depending on the purpose, we offer you the following three material finishes:

Thanks to the coated finish increased resistance to water and oils is ensured.
made from 100% cotton
the external layer is made from polyester, internal from cotton – ensuring high wearing comfort.

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